Department of Media and business management

Develop your understanding of the fundamentals of business whilst exploring media’s role in society, by examining different media forms and outlets on our Business Management and Media BA. This course aims to give you the skills to achieve your full career potential in the global business and media sectors.
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Course Overview

Study two interesting and exciting subject areas on our combined honours course in Business Management and Media.

Business modules will introduce you to areas such as the macro-environment where you will improve your understanding of the different political, social, technological, economic, and cultural factors that can have a major impact on international businesses. You will investigate the unique nature of a firm’s international operations and enhance your comprehension of international business strategy.

You will analyse human behaviour in organisations, organisational behaviour and explore the key concepts and issues in operations and quality management. You will examine business strategy and activities including a virtual business game simulation that will give you the opportunity to put the theory you’ve been learning on the course into practice.

Within the Media component of this course you will study the theoretical aspects of media, critically evaluate content and ideas, as well as develop your practical skillset through a range of optional modules which give you the opportunity to undertake activities such as film making and editing.

There are a number of exciting activities to get involved in across this degree programme including film making, photography, broadcasting and sound recording. These experiences will allow you to showcase and develop your skill set and apply your learning in a creative setting, using industry-standard equipment.

As you advance in your studies you will be able to choose from a wide variety of optional modules so you can can align your studies with your specific interests or strengths in both business and media.


The opportunity to undertake a placement is a valuable experience which will enable you to demonstrate and enhance your skill set further.

There may be an option to do a work placement module. This could provide you with a platform to work within an organisation, and further develop your professional skills. You will identify an organisation based on your interests, with the guidance of the module tutors, and will spend a semester engaging with projects and tasks set out by the employer, as well as taught sessions at university.

This may include working at a local radio station, the city council, local football club or film and marketing agencies. Recent student placements include production assistant at a film production company and social media content creator for a charity

In an increasingly competitive job market, employers are seeking to recruit employees who have high-level knowledge, skills and an understanding of the workplace. Choosing a work placement year between your second and third year, is a fantastic way to gain industry experience. It can provide a valuable insight into what working in a specific area of business is like, gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with the professional working environment and develop professional networks, and provides the opportunity to apply the theory you’ve learnt on your degree course.

*Students who require a visa to study in the UK may be able to add in a work placement depending upon the programme. The ability to add a work placement is dependent upon the UK Immigration rules at the time of the request. It may be that for some programmes students will not have the option to request a placement period to be added to their programme before they arrive in the UK and would need to apply for a new visa. There is no guarantee that a placement will be provided and that students who have a visa are subject to a number of restrictions on the type of work, including placements they can undertake.

In between years two and three of your studies you can choose to spend a year or a semester studying abroad. This exciting opportunity enables you to understand your field from different cultural perspectives and to establish international networks.


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